• 0 American Christmas Part 6

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    Watch YouTube Video Part 6 of American Christmas reveals the relationship between the birth of the Savior and our Declaration of Independence.  The truth is both alarming and heart warming at the same time.  It will be surprising nonetheless.

  • 0 American Christmas Part 4

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    Watch YouTube Video  This video tells the story of the birth of Christ in Bethlehem.  What does this have to do with America?  Only two more episodes to find out.  

  • 0 American Christmas Part 3

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    This is the Bilical record of Joseph deciding what he should do when he discovered his bride to be was already pregnant.  Joseph had serious legal ramifications to consider.  God had made provisions for this very case centuries before.  The truth is amazining to see.   Watch video on YouTube    

  • 0 The 17th Amendment and why it needs to be Repealed

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    This video is for educational purposes only.  There is a big push to "fundamentally change" original America into something unlike its founding.  The 17th Amendment is just such a change.  It has to do with the concept of America being a democracy rather than a republic.  This video will shed some light on why its not a good idea to keep it.   Watch YouTube Video

  • 0 Supreme Judge Part 2 David and Goliath

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    This video is for educational purposes only. The Declaration of Independence says that our appeal was to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions. That means God would be the final judge on this issue. This video shows the out come of one such trial.   Play YouTube Video

  • 0 How to Study History Part 1

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    This is the first of four videos on how to study history.  I taught this scientific method of historical research at the college level.  It will show how simple it can be to let history speak for itself.  My award winning book Bible Study 101: Keys to Understanding the Word of God is available on our wewbsite libertyman.online   Play Youtube Video